Packed with 21st Century Technology.

Packed with 21st Century Technology.

Features to preserve and protect your estate planning documents forever.

8-digit DARCI Number

DARCI is the Document Agency Registry and Clearinghouse by Illuminote. A secure database designed to provide an immutable chain of evidence for your important documents. The database provided clear evidence in the case of any questions about intent as well as giving permissions-based authentication and validation capabilities to financial intuitions and courts.

Your registered trust will be assigned a unique 8-digit DARCI Number. Like a license plate verifies your car’s registration and ties its ownership to you, titling assets using your DARCI Number puts the world on notice that your trust is registered on DARCI and provides those with whom your trustee does business, a way to verify trusteeship.

Trusted Person Alerts

Trusted Person Alerts™

Trusted Person Alerts™ serve as one of the cornerstones with Illuminote protections. When you register your important documents on DARCI, we ask that you assign Trusted Persons to be notified anytime there is a change to those documents. Your Trusted Person will never have access to the contents or directives of these documents. Think about it as the same type of alert you receive when you change a password online. An email is sent out asking if you made the change. If you did, you ignore the email. But if you received an email saying your password just changed but you know you didn’t change it, you can take immediate action to correct the situation.

That is how our Trusted Person Alerts™ work. You can appoint an attorney, financial advisor, friend, or family member as a Trusted Person. They will receive an alert if you make changes and can check in with you to be sure you were the person behind the updates to your documents. They never learn the nature of the changes. They are simply encouraged to check in with you to be sure you were the one updating your documents. And if you were not the person making changes, and something was done to your documents without your knowledge, you can act immediately to put a stop to any nefarious activities.

This adds a protective layer against anyone looking to commit fraud or undue influence once they see it is registered on DARCI and watched over by all your Trusted Persons. Like Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis observed, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”

User Mitigation

Illuminote Document Number (IDN)

Each individual document is assigned an Illuminote Document Number (IDN), think of an IDN like a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). An IDN is unique to each document that is Illuminotarized and can be used to instantly validate the Illuminotarization.

2-Step Authentication

2-Factor Authentication

Throughout the registration process, Illuminote uses two-factor authentication to ensure that you are in control every step of the way. But on a deeper level, Illuminote itself is a form of 2-factor authentication. Are you unsure if this notary stamp is authentic? With an IDN, you will know. Is someone new claiming to be the trustee of a trust? With a DARCI number, you can check. Want to make sure that the papers purporting to be the trust are, in fact, the trust, the whole trust, and nothing but the trust? With DARCI, you will be sure.

Digital Notirization


An Illuminotary is a notary public duly licensed by the State of California with further accreditations from Illuminote to provide a heightened level of service and record keeping.

When an Illuminotary notarizes your document, you are no longer reliant on just a rubber stamp as the Illuminote Document Number (IDN) now validates the notarization. The Illuminotary memorializes additional objective facts relevant to the document signature, thereby preserving valuable evidence. And, when uploading your documents to check DARCI, your Illuminotary will apply both ink and digital certificates within one chain of custody, bridging the gap between the analog and the digital, empowering Illuminote to provide your documents with the digital security and authentication that they deserve.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Although this is not a technical feature of our platform it is a benefit! The control and security of your documents is the business we’re in and strive to constantly improve the technical aspects of our platform to protect your trust. For this reason, we feel ‘Peace of Mind’ is indeed a notable feature of our product. Rest easy knowing that there is a team working round the clock to protect you from unwanted, and potentially abusive behavior, surrounding the security of your future.