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As your trusted advisors, Galanti & Copenhaver have always strived to protect you and your estate with thoughtful advice and thorough estate planning. However, in this ever-changing world, even the best-laid plans can be thwarted by fraudsters, grifters, vexatious heirs, or natural disaster—especially when those plans are laid on paper, secured only by a notary stamp and three-ring binder. Somehow, the robust digital security and authentication technologies of the last twenty years have yet to be applied to the most important documents in our lives. Until now.

Illuminote is a local startup dedicated to solving the security and authentication problems that endanger wet signature legal documents, like your living trust, by being the first company to provide them 21st Century digital security and authentication. And, Illuminote would love the input and insight of clients of Galanti & Copenhaver to help them provide their members with the best product possible. So, along with the launch of its first product—the registration of living trusts on DARCI—Illuminote is launching its Founding Members Program and is proud to offer this exclusive level of membership to clients and associates of Galanti & Copenhaver.

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What is DARCI?

DARCI, the Document and Agency Registry and Clearinghouse, by Illuminote, is the database that Illuminote is building. It is specifically architected to protect your most important legal documents, along with the critical agency relationships that those documents create, from becoming the tools of fraud, undue influence, and financial abuse. As a registry, DARCI preserves and protects the most important documents in your life, as well as the tremendous agency power that those documents give to others. And, as a clearinghouse, DARCI allows financial institutions to accurately and securely confirm the authenticity of documents with which they are presented and to instantly verify that anyone purporting to act on your behalf has the actual authority, from you, to do so. 

If you would like to participate in a question-and-answer session with one of Illuminote’s co-founders, you can schedule a spot right now → .

Secure your trust

How does DARCI trust registration work?

First, we need to make sure that we have everything. So, we will ask you about the documents that set forth the terms of your trust (e.g., declaration of trust, trust agreement, amendments, restatements, et c.). The information you provide about these documents—we’ll need their (1) titles, (2) dates, and (3) number of pages—will allow us to prepare your registration paperwork. And you will need to bring the documents to the registration signing, where they will be scanned and uploaded to DARCI as part of your trust registration. 

DARCI is not just trust storage—it is true trust registration. A key part of that registration is your designation of Trusted Persons, whom Illuminote will contact upon any change to your trust documents to inform them of the fact that a change occurred (but not what the change actually was, because that’s your business). For each trusted person, we will need the (1)name, (2) date of birth, and (3) email address. We will also need the name, date of birth, and email address for all trustors, trustees, and successor trustees (all of whom are designated Trusted Persons by default). And, if you would like to have Erika associated with the trust, let us know and we will register that association as well. 

In order to protect trusteeship, we will produce and sign a new certification of trust upon registration. Accordingly, we will need to know several particulars about your trust. Thankfully, the California Probate Code specifies what the relevant particulars are. If you already have a certification of trust, it will provide most, if not all, of the particulars we seek. 

Finally, you will schedule a time to register your trust with an Illuminotary: a duly licensed California notary public who has contracted with us to facilitate your registration by notarizing your registration documents, memorializing additional objective facts relevant to your registration, and then uploading your documents to DARCI. In so doing, your Illuminotary will apply both ink and digital certificates within one chain of custody, bridging the gap between the analog and the digital and allowing Illuminote to provide your documents with the digital security and authentication that they deserve. 

Bring Documents

What does trust registration on DARCI cost?

The public can register a trust on DARCI for a one-time fee of $2,000. Or, if a subscription is preferred, we offer a monthly subscription for $15/month or an annual subscription for $150/month.

Founding Members are entitled to 50% off trust registration now and 50% off all future Illuminote products. So, Founding Members can register their trust on DARCI for a one-time fee of $2,000 $1,000, for $15/month $7.50/month, or $150/month $75/year.

This offer is exclusive to the first 100 Galanti & Copenhaver clients.


Illuminote will have representatives at Illuminote’s Santa Rosa Headquarters, located at 1160 N. Dutton Ave., Ste. 100, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 during the weeks of December 6, 2021, and December 13, 2021, to register your trust. Secure your appointment window here → 

Have questions? We want to answer all of your questions before moving forward. Please select a time and date below for a question and answer session with one of Illuminote’s founders.

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We want to answer all of your questions before moving forward. Please select one of our question and answer sessions with one of Illuminote’s founders below.