Illuminote Launches DARCI A New Service Designed to Put a Halt to Elder Financial AbuseSanta Rosa, CA: Illuminote today announced the launch of DARCI (Document and Agency, Registry and Clearinghouse, by Illuminote), a new service. DARCI prevents fraud, forgeries, and undue influence against estate planning documents and the assets controlled by such documents. DARCI is the only service offering a way for individuals to digitally register and thereby secure, their deeds, trusts, wills, and powers of attorney (POA) documents.

“Today, we see that everything from concert tickets to the GPS chip in your pet’s neck use technology and registry systems to protect ownership, validity, and control,” says Adam Eberts, Co-Founder and CEO at Illuminote. “Everything, that is, except the most important documents in your financial life. The deed to your home, the documents that control your finances and estate wishes, those documents are still authenticated and verified by an easily falsified rubber notary stamp. Illuminote seeks to protect people and their important documents by digitizing the process of authentication and verification.”

Features and benefits of DARCI include:

  • Virtual elimination of forgeries, undue influence, and expensive estate litigation. Placing people in firm control of their assets while potentially saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars and avoiding family fights over inheritances.
  • State of the art digital storage and access to important documents from anywhere in the world.
  • Currently, banks, escrow companies, and other financial institutions have no way to verify a document’s validity. With DARCI, these institutions can ascertain that they are dealing with the proper person when it pertains to a deed, trust, will, or POA.

DARCI has already begun a soft launch. Full services will be available starting August 15, 2022. Pricing is dependent on services selected. For more information on Illuminote’s DARCI, visit or call Matt Everson at 707-525-0404.

About Illuminote – Illuminote is a high-tech solution to control and secure your most important financial and legal documents. Our DARCI service provides security, organization, validation, digitization, and control over your most important financial and legal documents. Illuminote was created in response to a legal system that has not kept up with technology, financial institutions which have not created secure validating systems, and clever criminals increasingly exploiting these widening gaps to harm Americans. Illuminote was created by two experienced litigation attorneys, expert in the field of estate and probate law and a former certified financial planner who was all too familiar with the cost (financial and familial) of these crimes.