For Consumers

For Consumers

To protect your legacy, you followed the advice of lawyers and financial professionals and created your estate plan in a living trust. When it is time, a spouse, child, or trusted person will follow the instructions in that trust to enact your final wishes. Unless a clever criminal gets ahold of that document, first.

You probably thought, after paying a few thousand dollars to get your trust done by an attorney, that you were done. You now have the right documents to protect your beneficiaries and your legacy. But rising threats of fraud and forgery leave that document and your legacy at risk.

Paper and a notary stamp are no longer enough to protect you against malicious and clever criminals. Today, laser printers make producing a legitimate looking document all too easy. 3D printers can create a fraudulent notary stamp in minutes. Coupled with out of date laws, your legacy faces extreme threats.

Illuminote brings your old paper documents into the 21st century. We digitally register the document, set up alerts to protect you from fraud and forgeries, dissuade problematic last minute alterations to your wishes, and eliminate the issue of expensive, after death estate challenges. All the while, our DARCI system allows financial institutions a new and much better way to validate they are granting the right people access to your assets.

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For Professionals

For Professionals


As an attorney, you are the first line of defense when it comes to estate planning. Your clients come to you seeking to set up and protect their estate planning wishes. You advise them properly and create individualized and legally solid trusts, doing everything within your power to protect them and help them feel assured their wishes will be executed when they are gone.

But in the back of your mind, you know just how fragile all that planning can become. A vexatious child, a disgruntled heir, or a common criminal can cause absolute fits for trusts and the people and property they are supposed to benefit and protect. Fraud, forgeries, financial abuse, and estate challenges can become a nightmare for your clients, costing their families irreparable heartache and hundreds of thousands of dollars in theft and litigation costs.

Now you can do something about the vulnerability to fraud, forgery, and estate challenges inherent with trusts. With Illuminote, your clients can lock down their estate plan by securing it with digital registration. Now the comprehensive protection they deserve is at your finger tips. And, when your clients list you among their Trusted Persons, you will be the first to know anytime that something suspect transpires.

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Financial Advisors

Imagine this scenario – a client’s son walks into your office. You’ve never met him personally but his mother is a good client. He shares the sad news with you that his mom has been placed in a full-time memory care living facility. He needs to know how to reallocate her accounts to be less risky and distribute more income to pay for the care.

You hand him the “Certification of Trust” form, he shows you the trust document which names him as successor trustee, he signs and notarizes the forms, and you ask your back office to appoint him as the current trustee of the accounts. Easy, right?

Until the next day, one of your client’s friends walks into the office with an amendment to the trust that states that she is the trustee of mom’s estate. She’d like to be appointed as such. You’ve never heard of this woman but she has a legitimate looking trust amendment. She is claiming she is trustee, not the son. Which document is the right one? Which one is a fraud? How much is your E&O deductible?

Having a client’s most important documents registered prevents the above scenario, protects your client from fraud and forgery, and allows you to help your clients’ estate planning wishes are executed faithfully.

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For Institutions

Americans are on the cusp of the greatest wealth transfer in recorded history, as more than eighty four trillion dollars (that’s $84,000,000,000,000) from the Silent and Baby Boomer generations will change hands in the next 20 years, much of it through trusteeship, executorship, and powers of attorney.

And, though you have established protocols and training for your front-line employees, you know that mistakes, from innocuous errors to purposeful fraud, can and do happen. What is the answer? Better training? Better form documents? Better lobbying?

Illuminote offers a solution: the Document and Agency Registry and Clearinghouse, by Illuminote. Your institution can now be certain you are granting powers to the legitimate account agent.

How much time, money, and bad public relations can DARCI deliver for your bank, brokerage, or insurance company?

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