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For Consumers

For Consumers

Over your lifetime, you have worked hard for what you have. You have followed solid advice and created your estate plan and your important financial documents so that, when you pass, your spouse, children, family, friends, or charities can benefit from your diligence and hard work.

But the documents that will govern your assets, such as your home title, living trust, will, and POAs were conceived of hundreds of years ago, when people knew each other and the business they transacted was local. When these documents were invented, the printing press and wax seals were the technologies of the day.

Today, we live in a technologically interconnected world. We regularly transact business with unknown people across the country and the globe. Today’s technological wonders are things nobody could have imagined even 100 years ago. Yet our courts, legislatures, and private financial institutions still utilize antiquated analog technologies, like wet signatures and rubber stamps, to secure the most important financial documents in your life.

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For Professionals

For Professionals


As an attorney, your clients have come to you seeking legal advice. You have advised them properly and set up everything within your power to protect them. However, you know just how fragile all that planning can become. A vexatious child, a disgruntled heir, or a common criminal can cause absolute fits for legal documents and the people and property they are supposed to protect. It can become a nightmare, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to untangle.

With Illuminote, your clients can get the comprehensive protection they deserve. And, when your clients list you among their Trusted Persons, you will be the first to know anytime that something suspect transpires.

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Financial Advisors

As a financial advisor, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Our system protects your clients’ most important documents while keeping them firmly in control. Utilizing these advanced systems allows you to point out a way that goes well beyond your competition in giving financial advice. You can now prove you’re about more than AUM.

One of Illuminote’s co-founders, Matt Everson, ran his own planning firm as a CFP for the better part of two decades. He saw first-hand how quickly disputes over estates could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees incurred when families contest estate plans. Even worse than the fiscal impact was the devastation to relationships he witnessed when heirs fought over an estate.  

From a practice management standpoint, the lost hours spent counseling clients and trying to convince an heir that the fight wasn’t worth the money being spent on legal fees always frustrated him. Not a single client ever asked him to add a random attorney as a primary beneficiary to an account. Instead of spending that time bringing in more revenue for his firm, he was acting as a quasi-therapist. Not only were these talks emotionally draining, they also cost him a lot of man-hours on issues that didn’t generate the firm any revenue. 

Having a client’s most important documents registered prevents future estate challenges and allows you to help your clients protect and control their assets. No more hours on the phone with disgruntled kids. No more attempting to tell a client why disinheriting a child is bound to cost him more than keeping him in the will. No more destroyed families. Many more happy beneficiaries may feel better about using your services when they ultimately inherit the money you manage for their parents.

Benefits of Illuminote for Financial Advisors:

  • Offers you the opportunity to reach out and help your clients by securing their most important documents while keeping them firmly in control of their assets and estate plans.
  • Ensures no inheritance is lost to subsequent legal fees as a result of disputed trust documents.
  • Locks down your client’s estate planning and gifting wishes.
  • Protects your clients against unseen financial abuse.
  • Builds relationships and rapport with beneficiaries.
  • Gives you legitimacy with approaching attorneys for referral relationships.

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Professional Fiduciaries

As a professional fiduciary, we know your job in many cases is more of a burden than a privilege. If things aren’t in order, it can become difficult to authenticate and manage all the wet ink documents entrusted to you. While your intentions are pure, you may regret your responsibility when surprise amendments, powers of appointment, disgruntled beneficiaries, or lost and incomplete documents inevitably arise – we know how it is! This is why we’ve created a platform that simplifies the whole process for you.

Benefits of Illuminote for Professional Fiduciaries:

  • Perform your job easier and more effectively.
  • Validate and organize all important financial documents you manage.
  • Know exactly who has access to these documents and when they accessed them.
  • Protect against unseen financial abuse with full control.
  • Proactively lookout for the financial best interests of those you manage.
  • Rest easy knowing you are protected from expensive legal battles due to mismanaged documents.

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For Institutions

Americans are on the cusp of the greatest wealth transfer in recorded history, as sixty eight trillion dollars (that’s $68,000,000,000,000) from the Silent and Baby Boomer generations will change hands in the next 25 years, much of it through trusteeship, executorship, and power of attorney. And, though you have established protocols and training for your front-line employees, you know that mistakes, from innocuous errors to purposeful fraud, can and do happen. What is the answer? Better training? Better form documents? Better lobbying?

Illuminote offers a solution: the Document and Agency Registry and Clearinghouse, by Illuminote. We call it ‘check DARCI’.

By subscribing to check DARCI, your bank, insurance company, brokerage firm, or title company can verify trusteeship accurately and in real-time.

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