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Plan Documents

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Aggregating critical estate plan data for financial institutions. Illuminote secures, encrypts, and protects living trusts and other estate planning documents.

Estate plan documents are exposed to
fraud and forgery.

Manual Review Takes



costing financial
institutions millions

One of Three Estates


ends up
in litigation

Every Year


cases of Elder
Financial Fraud in 2022




fraud cases
reported in 2022




dollars lost due to
fraud in 2022

Protect Estate Plan DocumentsClient Privacy & WishesFinancial Against FraudEnd Manual ReviewsIncrease Efficiencies and Profits

Estate plan documents such as trusts, POAs, and wills are dangerously exposed to loss, fraud, and forgery. Until now, financial institutions have employed manual reviews of these agreements, costing them time and massive amounts of money on salaries and fraud reimbursements. Illuminote not only enhances the profits, security, and efficiency of banks and brokerages but also safeguards client data, shields client estates from costly litigation, and upholds a family’s legacy wishes with unwavering assurance.


Protect yourself against fraud and forgery.


The Estate Plan

  • Digital Data is More Efficient and Useful

  • Fire, loss, and theft are no longer a worry

  • 256 Bit Encryption Protects Privacy


Efficiency and Profits

  • Document registration number allows banks and brokerages to authenticate trust’s validity
  • Eliminate the hours and dollars spent manually reviewing legal agreements

  • Block 99% of fraud attempts against a living trust, eliminating costly settlements and PR nightmares


Happier Clients

  • Registration eliminates costly inheritance battles, providing banks and brokerages with a competitive edge unseen in decades.

  • No account freezes or delays for better client satisfaction


Financial Institutions

  • Illuminote protects banks and brokerages from fraud and criminal intent

  • No more manual review of agreements like trusts, POAs, and more


Your Clients

  • Fraud, forgery, and fakes are in the past

  • Protection against the vulnerabilities that may arise with age

  • Ensures legacy wishes are honored

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Saves Costs, Prevents Fraud, and Increases Client Satisfaction

Digital authentication means increased profits and happier banking and investing clients

“It has been far safer to steal large sums with a pen than small sums with a gun.”

Warren Buffet

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