Introducing DARCI: a Digitized Living Trust for the 21 Century

Trust registration on the Document and Agency Registry and Clearinghouse by Illuminote (“DARCI”) provides many benefits to attorneys and their clients.

The Value of a Digital Record – 

Our judicial and financial systems have not kept pace with the advance of technology, let alone adequately deter, or hold liable, those individuals who exploit it to their advantage. If we digitize the data in legal agreements such as trusts or POAs, we can greatly reduce incidences of loss, fraud, forgery, and expensive post-death estate challenges.

The Solution is Here – 

Illuminote™ created DARCI – a digital registry which registers both documents and the agency relationships they create and allows for instant digital verification of the document and agency by financial institutions and courts. By registering these agreements, DARCI encrypts them, protects them from loss, compiles immutable evidence of intents, and implements the power dual authentication to dissuade criminality. By monitoring changes, potential fraud and undue influence can be thwarted before completion. 

How DARCI Deters Fraud – 

When a trust is registered on DARCI, the registration onboarding consists of a trust amendment to add the requirement that any future trust amendments must also be registered. Any unregistered “amendments”, therefore, are invalid per the trust terms and recent appellate case law. And, any registered amendment triggers instant email notifications, to Trusted Persons of your client’s choosing, one of whom could be you as the drafting attorney. 

DARCI works hand in hand with notaries, greatly increasing security and evidence around the notarial act. At the time of signing, the Illuminotary contemporaneously collects and records evidence about the signing event, preserved for later use in case litigation is threatened or actually rises. 

Don’t Be Blindsided, Learn More About Illuminote Today – 

Set an appointment with us to ask your legal questions around DARCI registration so you can feel comfortable offering this enhanced trust to your clients. Whether a new trust or one being amended, the onboard process is very simple and takes most offices less than 10 minutes to complete.