Aggregating Critical Estate Plan Data for Financial Institutions

99% of Legal Content is Noise for Banks and Brokerages

The legal and the financial worlds speak different languages. Legal agreements contain data that does not efficiently translate to bank and brokerage firm operations. Banks still manually review agreements like trusts, POAs, and more. That’s dangerous, inefficient, and costly.

We Provide the Data Banks and Brokerages Need

Consider living trusts, for instance. A trust often has more than 15 pages of legalese. But banks only need nine critical data points. To get this data currently requires expensive manual document review. There is a better way.

A New Era of Efficiency

A data-centric, digitized approach enables financial institutions to talk to trusts. Hundreds of millions of such agreements are accessed by tens of thousands of financial institutions annually. Illuminote converts analog legal agreements into comprehensive digital records, providing structured data that is efficiently accessible to all. Illuminote began with trusts but intends to end manual reviews of deeds, wills, POAs, business contracts, and more.

End Manual Reviews – Increase Profits

With Illuminote, the crucial data financial institutions seek is readily available, dependable, and secure. No more manual review! This helps financial institutions in three ways: 

  • Cost Savings – Eliminating the hours and dollars spent manually reviewing legal agreements, helping companies find more profits.
  • Fraud Prevention – Fraud is exploding, and incidents continue to grow for banks and brokerages. Our system blocks 99% of fraud attempts against a living trust, eliminating costly settlements and PR nightmares while further improving the bottom line.
  • Client satisfaction – Our system also protects the legacy wishes of their clients, saving estates significant legal costs, providing banks and brokerages with a competitive edge unseen in decades.

Illuminote not only enhances the profits, security, and efficiency of banks and brokerages but also safeguards client data, shields client estates from costly litigation, and upholds a family’s legacy wishes with unwavering assurance. 

Digital authentication means increased profits and happier banking and investing clients.