Benefits of Trust Registration for RIAs and Wealth Advisors

Trust registration on the Document and Agency Registry and Clearinghouse  by Illuminote (“DARCI”) provides many benefits to RIA/Wealth Advisory offices and their clients.

1) Better Client Relations

Living trust documents are still on paper. But financial institutions have all gone  digital. There is a reason firms don’t work with paper stock certificates anymore. It’s slow and dangerous. Registering a living trust means the document is  secured, encrypted, and impossible to forge. Your firm can assure clients that  their legacy wishes will be honored and that their estate will be protected against  fraud and costly legal battles. 

2) Eliminate Trust Litigation

What if you could give the children of your clients the peace of mind that dad or  mom’s estate won’t be subject to fraud and their inheritance will not be shared  with attorneys? Trust litigation, whether it be litigation over control of a trust  during a client’s life or fights over an inheritance after a client’s death, can mean millions of dollars in legal expenses. Not to mention ruined family relationships.  Trust registration on DARCI can eliminate 75% of these types of cases and  mitigate the other 25%. Using DARCI means a firm can assure their clients that  their legacy wishes will be honored. 

3) Demonstrate Your Advice is Better

Technology has leveled the playing field in the financial advice industry. Traditional differentiators such as portfolio management, retirement planning,  estate planning, and tax strategies have all become commoditized. Even the  newest RIA can now offer the services that once may have set your firm apart.  How can you demonstrate your distinctiveness in this competitive landscape? 

You can highlight a significant risk existing in your clients’ estates: vulnerable trust documents. With DARCI, you can swiftly showcase what sets you apart  from the competition – safeguarding the documents that govern their assets,  ensuring protection against loss, fraud, costly litigation, and strained family ties.