About Illuminote

About Illuminote

Illuminote offers a contemporary approach to safeguarding and managing your crucial estate planning documents. Our cutting-edge system delivers a comprehensive range of benefits, including security, privacy, validation, digitization, and control over your sensitive estate planning documents. Illuminote was created to address the shortcomings of an outdated legal system and the fact that financial institutions have no way to authenticate your trust, will, POA, or deed as legitimate. These limitations have created opportunities for resourceful criminals to victimize unsuspecting Americans. With Illuminote, you are empowered to manage your important estate planning documents with ease, while thwarting any attempts by criminals to compromise your estate plan wishes or steal your assets.

Our Team

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”
Louis D. Brandeis, “What Publicity Can Do” Harper’s Weekly, 1913

Adam Eberts

Adam Eberts – Co-Founder and CEO

After beginning his career as a prosecutor and spending several years in business litigation, Adam has spent the last decade as a plaintiff’s attorney, litigating estate disputes and elder financial abuse cases. His work has recovered tens of millions of dollars for his clients and affected real change in California elder financial abuse jurisprudence. Adam recognized several repeating patterns and themes and set about finding a remedy for the terrible emotional and fiscal damage wrought by elder abuse and estate litigation, when he remembered the words of Justice Louis D. Brandeis: “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.” He knew he had found an answer. He just needed to turn on the light. And Illuminote was born.

Ann Eberts

Ann Eberts – Co-Founder and COO

As a third-generation attorney, Ann grew up in a lawyer’s household. (In fact, her family has been licensed in California since 1917!) Her childhood was filled with discussions of the law, the legal profession, and a deep-seated concern for clients’ best interests. Identified as having “lawyer skills” from a young age, there was no doubt she would follow the family profession… and indeed she did! Ann has represented some of the nation’s largest banks while working for prestigious multi-state law firms. While she enjoyed this period of developing and honing her skills, she eventually decided to put her experience to work where her heart was—focusing on estate planning, estate administration, and estate litigation on behalf of those who need it most.

Ann believes in using today’s tools and technology to improve and streamline traditional processes—thereby making them more accessible to the community. She is a gifted problem-solver, and her attention to detail and extensive knowledge of trusts and estate planning makes her an essential asset to our leadership team.

She saw the damaging toll that estate litigation places on people and families, both financially and emotionally. And witnessing those consequences firsthand inspired many of the ideals and goals that Illuminote seeks to achieve. Today, as co-founder and COO, Ann is a fierce advocate for all our clients, and she prides herself in being a champion for the underdog.

Matthew Everson

Matthew Everson – Co-Founder and CSO

Matt is a former certified financial planner with an extensive background in the financial and insurance industries. He has seen firsthand how vulnerable our aging population can be to opportunistic professionals, caregivers, and family members and has been committed to protecting them throughout his professional career. When approached by Adam and Ann to join the Illuminote team, he immediately saw the value proposition and understood how it could be used to protect people’s assets and estate plans against fraud and financial abuse.