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It’s now never been easier to protect your trust documents for today, tomorrow, and forever.

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Why We Created This Platform

Why we created this

Founded by trust and estate litigators in response to countless heartbreaking incidents of elder abuse, fraud, family fights, and financially and emotionally destructive litigation arising from unsecured trust documents. Illuminote’s founders believed that modern technologies could allow these documents to become secure while still remaining private, and they set about to make that happen.

“It is heartbreaking enough to see a third or more of a family’s assets disappear into the hands of lawyers. But it is absolutely tragic to see the profound emotional toll that this type of litigation inflicts on my clients and their families. Do not let litigation be your legacy.”

Adam Eberts | Co-Founder, Attorney

Who benefits from Illuminote?

Illuminote will greatly reduce trust litigation and streamline administration, preserving more of your assets for your beneficiaries. Illuminote will eliminate surprises for your successor trustees, making administration quicker, easier, and less expensive. And, Illuminote will protect you during your life by preventing fraud and deterring undue influence and financial abuse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DARCI is the Document & Agency Registry & Clearinghouse, by lluminote. It is the patent-pending regulatory database where Illuminote brings its several protections together for you.

Using our patent-pending Illuminotary™ process, DARCI allows you to authenticate and preserve your trust documents. Using our Trusted Person Alerts™, DARCI alerts you and your trusted persons of any changes. And agency verification, through, ensures that only your duly appointed agents can act on your behalf, and only when appropriate.

  1. By converting living trust documents to digital documents, stored with redundancy on multiple secure servers. No more binders or safes that can be misplaced, stolen, lost to fire, or otherwise go undiscovered.
  2. By immutably locking in your trust terms and alerting your trusted persons of any change, so that no attempt at deception will go unnoticed.
  3. By making sure that only your duly appointed successor trustee can take over for you, and only when appropriate.
  4. By alerting your trusted persons of any changes in real-time and by putting potential bad actors on notice that any changes will trigger a Trusted Person Alert™.
  5. By protecting your estate from lengthy and expensive litigation after your life.

Your registration will ultimately result in two documents being executed and uploaded to DARCI. The first is a Restatement, Republication, and Registration Amendment. In this document, you will set forth all the terms of your trust by attaching, reaffirming, and republishing all the documents that set forth or effect the terms of your trust. This document further specifies that no future amendment, revocation, change of trustee, etc., is valid and effective unless and until it is registered on DARCI. And, this document instructs Illuminote to contact your Trusted Persons upon registration of any new document and inform them of the fact of the new document, but not its substance.

The second document that you will execute and upload will be a new certification of trust, allowing DARCI to function as a clearinghouse for your agency (in this case, trusteeship) relationship.

1. Papers

First, we need to make sure everything is in order. We’ll start by asking about the documents that set forth the terms of your trust. Examples of these include a declaration of trust, trust agreement, amendments, restatements, etc. The information you provide about these documents including their (1) titles, (2) dates, and (3) number of pages, will allow us to prepare your registration paperwork. You will need to bring the documents to the Illuminotarization, where they will be scanned and uploaded to DARCI as part of your trust registration.

2. People
DARCI is not just trust storage—it is true trust registration. A key part of this registration is your designation of Trusted Persons, whom Illuminote will contact when any change has occurred to your trust documents. These Trusted Persons will be notified that a change has occurred but not what the change actually was, because that’s your business. For each Trusted Person, we will need the (1) name, (2) date of birth, and (3) email address. We will also need the name, date of birth, and email address for all trustors, trustees, and successor trustees (all of whom are designated Trusted Persons by default). Lastly, if you would like to have an attorney associated with the trust, let us know so we may register that association as well.

3. Particulars
In order to protect trusteeship, we will produce a new certification of trust upon registration. Accordingly, we will need to know several particulars about your trust, which thankfully, the California Probate Code specifies what the relevant particulars are. If you already have a certification of trust from your attorney, it will provide most, if not all, of the particulars we need.

Illuminote offers three pricing options for registering your trust on DARCI:

  • Billed monthly at $15/month
  • Billed annually as $150/year
  • Billed once for $2,000


Your Trust

Illuminote is the first company to employ 21st Century technology to secure your estate planning documents.

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Ensure that each registered document is verified, authenticated, and organized to save you the headache.

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Make sure that your Trusted Persons are alerted to any changes to your trust documents in real-time, every-time.

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