What Is Illuminote?

What Is Illuminote?

Illuminote is the best way to manage, protect, and authenticate critical estate planning agreements. Our state-of-the-art system offers a comprehensive array of benefits, including security, privacy, validation, digitization, and control over sensitive estate planning materials.

Illuminote was conceived to address the deficiencies of an antiquated legal system which lacks mechanisms for authenticating trusts, powers of attorney, wills, or deeds as legitimate.

Today, these agreements do not exist on a central registry. Therefore, financial institutions cannot validate them with confidence. Instead, they employ a manual review process which is inefficient, prone to human error, and costly to not only the institution but for their customers, too. Illuminote has set out to change this dangerous status quo.

The archaic legal system isn’t only dangerous, costly, and inefficient for banks and brokerage firms. Resourceful criminals exploit the gaps in the system, causing great harm to unsuspecting individuals and families while they are alive. And after they die, one in every three estate plans is challenged after death. We feel the time has come for a better way to protect estate plans.

Illuminote enhances the profits, security, and efficiency of banks and brokerages. But more importantly, we safeguard client data, shield estates from costly litigation, and uphold a family’s legacy wishes with unwavering assurance.

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